About Us

Why We’re Here

Modern life is filled with the pressure to accomplish even more tasks and achieve even more goals. It can be challenging to discern how the Bible provides practical guidance for our day-to-day existence.

We work hard to make a safe community welcoming for people to examine and understand what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. God portrayed in the Bible provides purpose in life, and we seek to align our lives accordingly.

Our hope is to do life together as a community journeying in faith.

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We care about…


Welcoming everyone with a peaceful, personable atmosphere


Relating with people and engaging with real-world issues


Exploring the Bible and intentionally seeking out peace, contentment, and truth


Supporting relationships in the family and beyond


Developing gifts and releasing leaders

How We Do It


Life Application

We believe our faith affects how we live our daily lives and want to walk in alignment with God.

Life Together

We’re convinced that plugging into an encouraging community is a richer way to live.

Life Mission

The love of Jesus has changed our lives, and we want to share who He is with others.

Meet Our People

Our Mission

Glorify God by introducing all people to Jesus and growing them up to love and worship Him.

What We

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