Cornerstone Testimonial — Colton Molison

It has been an amazing experience seeing everything come together at Cornerstone.  There was an instant feeling of connection from the people involved with the church plant, and a deep desire to grow something that will glorify God. The Sunday services feel very consistent with what I experience at Providence , and there is a peacefulness to the structure of worship that is very inviting. There are already several life groups set up that meet at 8:30 a.m. in the schoo,l and then we flow right into a great worship service at 10:30 a.m. The school’s auditorium makes an awesome place to gather as a congregation. The school is also located in an exceptionally beautiful, quiet, neighborhood. It makes it easy for church traffic to get in and out at will for the service. Cornerstone exists to Glorify God and build authentic community in Christ in the Wakefield area, and you can sense that when you walk in the building.

My experience with the church plant has been both seamless and adventurous. It is one of the smoothest church plants I have ever witnessed. I started attending regularly in the first days of the plant, and now I already have opportunities to serve in volunteer positions. There is a very genuine love for God in this new church, and a desire to reach the area of North Raleigh and Wake Forest. That is one of the biggest draws to this church for me personally. In my tenure with Cornerstone, it is not just about having a place to gather that is more local for us. It is more of a missional congregation to reach the city. We have already launched a kid’s ministry and done our first City Serve for the Wakefield Middle school. One of my favorite memories of this plant so far is when we launched on Easter and, despite all the prep, all the practice, and all the ups and downs with technology, we still glorified God joyfully for his raising Christ from the dead and giving us the gift of salvation. Pastor Luke delivered a tremendous message to begin our day for the glorious celebration of the Risen Christ.

People that choose to visit Cornerstone can expect a Jesus loving, authentic community. There is a relaxed atmosphere and plenty of staff to answer any questions that newcomers want to go over. There is no pressure to perform. If you love Jesus and want to be a part of a body of believers that are on a path to do something great for the Kingdom of God, you will really enjoy this church plant. There is a fantastic opportunity to come and attend a new church, and an opportunity to serve a new church plant as a missionary to the local community. I am thankful and blessed to be a part of this new community.