Lifeline Children’s Services

For over 40 years, Lifeline has been dedicated to mobilizing and equipping churches to bring the hope of the gospel to vulnerable families and orphans/foster children. They prioritize the child’s best interests and specialize in trauma-informed training and education for families while maintaining excellent relationships with adoption authorities.

Lifeline equips churches to support outreach ministries reaching mothers in crisis, children needing loving care, and families yearning for a child. Their services include gospel-centered, trauma-informed parenting classes for families and life skills classes for youth aging out of foster care. Their International Adoption Outreach spans 15 countries, and they have placed almost 2,500 orphaned children into loving Christian homes. They have ministered to over 3,000 women in crisis and served over 10,000 families.

Why are we called to care? James 1:27 calls believers to care for orphans and vulnerable children. Adoption beautifully depicts the gospel on earth, pointing us toward Christ. In Christ, we have all received, “adoptions as sons” into His family (Galatians 4:5).  As David says in Psalm 68, God is a father to the fatherless and it is He who sets the lonely in families. Lifeline aims to provide forever homes for children, but more than that, we want them to know the truth of the gospel.

What do we do next? There are several ways you can hop on board with Lifeline’s mission.
1. Pray. Commit to praying for Lifeline Children’s Services. For the staff, for the families, and for the children.
2. Fill out his form to register for an interest group that connects you to everything happening with Lifeline.