Welcome to Cornerstone’s Reach Resource page! Our vision as a church is to see everyone at Cornerstone intentionally extending themselves to the point of discomfort to bless others and reach them with the gospel. This page is designed to equip you with practical resources to help you reach others in hopes of seeing them become followers of Christ. 
On this page, you will find resources such as 1-minute videos, articles, debates, and more about evangelism and disciple making. They are designed to help you be better equipped to share the gospel, understand others, and reach your four, our city, and the world.
There are a variety of sources these resources are drawn from. While we wholeheartedly support the unified gospel mission that the producers of these resources are on to see others come to Jesus, we are unable to check on all of their content to see if we align on everything theologically, philosophically and practically. Let’s rejoice in the truths that they teach us and hold onto the primacy of the gospel together.

Evangelism, Apologetics, and Reaching our culture:

1. Norm Geisler:  normangeisler.com

2. William Lane Craig:  Reasonable Faith.org

3. J. Warner Wallace: ColdCaseChristianity.com

4. John Lennox: John Lennox.org

5. Greg Koukl: STR.org

6. Paul Copan: PaulCopan.com

7. Ed Feser: http://edwardfeser.blogspot.com/

8. Lee Strobel:  Lee Strobel.com

9. Josh McDowell:  Josh.org

10. Discovery Institute  (Dembski, Meyer, Richards, Luskin, Wells): www.Discovery.org

11. C.S. Lewis: CSLewis.org

12. Gary Habermas:  GaryHabermas.com


13. Timothy McGrew:  http://historicalapologetics.org/

14. Dr. Michael Brown:  AskDrBRown.org

15. Richard Howe: Richardghowe.com

16. Tim Keller:  TimothyKeller.com, gospelinlife.com

17. J. Budziszewski:  Undergroundthomist.org

18. Hank Hanegraaff:  Equip.org

19. Hugh Ross: Reasons.org

20. Richard Dawkins vs. John Lennox: The Good Delusion Debate, johnlennox.org

21. David Platt: radical.net

22. City Bible Forum

23. Sam Chan: EspresooTheology.com

24. Undeceptions

Gender and the Gospel

Crossway 5 Lies videos: Rosaria Butterfield

1. Homosexuality is Normal

2. Being a Spiritual Person is Kinder Than Being a Biblical Person

3. Feminism is Good for the World and the Church

4. Transgenderism is Normal


5. Modesty is Unfair to Women

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1 Minute Video Resources:

Jesus came down to us, so that we don’t have to work our way up to Him. Help your four see that by checking out this video!


Do your four want to be true to themselves? Here’s how to respond to that idea!

Don’t know what to say to your four? Consider reading a book together. This is one of our favorites!

“Jesus was nothing more than a good teacher.” How should you respond if your four say this?

Having trouble responding when your four say, “Your truth isn’t my truth.” Check this out:

Is one of your four an atheist? This could help…

Self care isn’t health care. Help your four see the solution is found in their heart, not their methods.

Is one of your four a Buddhist? Chat with them about this:

Are your four tired of trying harder in order to make life work? Share with them that the work has already been done on the Cross!

Hear what David Platt has to say about the claims of Jesus!

Are your four numbing themselves to avoid their pain? Jesus is their answer.

What makes Jesus so unique?

Your four may be lonely. Help them that Jesus didn’t stay distant, rather he came to dwell among his people.

Have a Muslim friend? Read the Quran and the Bible with them. Let us know if you need a copy of either! Oh, and check out this video of what question to keep in mind while reading them:

Finding your meaning by looking within is like staying in your bedroom and never venturing outside. Help your four see the freedom found in Jesus.

Help your four see why Jesus’s teachings are so powerful.

How do you four believe that humans came to exist? Here’s a video to help you understand what they may believe:

“Sometimes it’s what you want that will kill you.” Allow this video to offer a perspective shift to your four.

Is one of your four a Muslim? Comfort them with the truths from this video.

If atheists believe love is a good thing, it may contradict their whole belief system. See why…

Love for justice should not produce resentment or rage. Help your four think about justice correctly:

Are your children some of your four? Find wisdom here in how to reach them:

Use this illustration to explain how all roads can’t lead to God:

How can you use technology in your life for the mission of God? Let’s see what David Platt says:

Need a quick and creative way to share the gospel with your four? Try the bridge diagram!

Is it hard to transition conversations with your four into spiritual ones? Watch this and be encouraged!

Do your four think that God’s character is inconsistent? Check out this video to help them see that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Are your four offended to hear that Jesus is the only way to God? Help them see that Jesus isn’t demanding them to follow him, rather he’s here to heal them:

What is the love of Jesus? It is about seeking others’ highest good. Let this video inform how your four defines love! ”

Is one of your four Muslim? Here are a few helpful things to know from a former Muslim himself about how to have gospel conversations with your four.

Learn about some common misconceptions about truth today and how the Bible infers what we should believe about truth.

We’re not as much answering questions as we are engaging with people. Check out effective ways to engage your four here:

Storytelling is a powerful way to connect with others! Discover how storytelling is an effective way to communicate the gospel to your four.