Uganda Gave Me A New Perspective

Over the summer I heard God calling me to serve as an intern with Jordan Griffin for A Perfect Injustice (API). I could have spent my summer doing anything other than volunteering my time, but it was clear to me there was a reason God wanted me to get to know the organization and Jordan personally.

Over the next winter break from school, I found out that I would be serving with API in Uganda. I was blown away by how obvious God revealed his purpose for the work I did over the previous summer. I feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity to not only get to know the organization from the business perspective here in the US, but then also get to travel to the heart of Uganda to meet the API street boys and interact with them on a personal level.

When I left for the trip, I thought I would be a blessing for the organization and camp staff, but instead they were a blessing to me and I am so grateful to have spent time with the street boys. It’s definitely been an eye opening experience and I know God has a plan for everything – we just have to choose to follow him.

Travelling to Uganda opened my eyes to how fortunate I am here in the US; I have clean water, a loving Christian family, and I don’t live in a place with extreme poverty and corruption. I was born into the western culture, not by choice, but by God’s grace to me. This trip challenged me to take advantage of the opportunities I have here to live on mission and live radically for Christ.

The boys in Uganda who ran from their homes to live on the streets, or were even kicked out of their homes for being a Christian reminds me that I have it easy here. These boys are standing up for their faith in a way that makes me wish I were that bold and passionate for Christ. Why can’t I be that courageous for my faith? I really questioned whether I was being a mediocre Christian after hearing these boys share their powerful testimonies.

Travelling through the slums and poor communities in Uganda put the world into perspective for me and reality slapped me in the face. It was difficult to take in and at times I didn’t even want to take photos or write about what I saw in my journal because the poverty there was too overwhelming. I am so grateful for David and Abby and the API team, who are dedicating their lives to taking care of Uganda’s street children because I have realized my heart hurts for needy children – street children and orphans. API is shining a light of hope in a dark place that needs to hear the gospel and good news. I can only hope God will lead me to dedicate my life to something as important and life changing as API.